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Who is Southern Swing?

Southern Swing Volleyball Club was founded in 2006 for the purpose of providing young ladies in Victoria
and the surrounding areas with the opportunity to participate in the sport of volleyball at a competitive level
separate and apart from their local school programs.  Of even greater importance is the development of
players with positive attitudes and solid character that will be successful not only in volleyball but in
whatever they choose to undertake as young adults.  As a result, our coaches and those working with our
players are carefully chosen to support these goals.  We truly believe that the behavior of our coaches
should be exemplary in order to demand the same of our players ... and that same expectation extends to
our parents and volunteers as they work with us to support and develop our players.

What Programs Does Southern Swing Offer?


Junior Olympic Volleyball is informally known as Club Volleyball or "Club".  It is an organized, nationwide
system sanctioned by USA Volleyball that allows young players the opportunity to receive advanced training
and compete at a high level outside of their school seasons.  In addition, players benefit from the chance of
exposure to college coaches and potential scholarship opportunities for those that desire to pursue them.

Southern Swing operates under the Lone Star Region of USA Volleyball and supports Club volleyball teams
for girls age 11 through 18.  Try-outs for these teams are typically held in September each year and are
conducted by age group with team selections being made based on skill level, experience and positions
needed.  Practices for the Club season begin in October or November depending on age level and continue
through March or April when the scheduled Club season ends.  Club teams will participate in weekend
tournaments primarily in Austin, Houston or San Antonio including both one-day and overnight
tournaments.  The number of tournaments will vary depending on age.  In addition to these out of town
tournaments, Southern Swing also hosts USAV sanctioned tournaments in Victoria for various age divisions.

Girls participating in our Club program will experience a high level of play in a competitive environment and
will have the opportunity to play some of the best teams in their age groups from around the state.  For
more information about our Club teams and coaches you can visit our
"Teams & Coaches" page and select a
team to see their team photo, team roster and season schedule.

Other Programs

Southern Swing offers a variety of programs outside of the Club volleyball environment that are open to all
players regardless of their skill level or club affiliation.  Players in grades K through 12 will find
opportunities to make new friends, improve their skills and stay competitive throughout the year by
participating in one or all of these programs.  There's something for everyone!

  • Rising Stars

    The Rising Stars program is open to girls in grades 3 - 8.  It is designed for players that are not quite
    ready for the commitment of a traveling club team but want to participate in an extensive, structured
    training program that allows them to improve their skills while staying active in the sport with a
    designated coach and team over a period of several months.  

    The program combines several of Southern Swing's other programs into one package that includes
    Fall League, Developmental Training 1 (Winter Session), Spring League, Developmental Training 2
    (Spring Session) and Summer League/Rising Stars Summer Camp (Session 3).  Rising Stars players will
    stay together as a team and work with a designated Southern Swing coach throughout the program.  
    Each of the individual programs included in Rising Stars may be registered for separately as well;
    however, this program gives players the added benefits of weekly practices during Fall, Spring &
    Summer league sas well as a convenient one-time registration and combined registration fee.

    Rising Stars teams are formed in the Fall of each year and no try-out is necessary to participate.  For
    additional information about this program, visit the "Rising Stars" page.

  • Leagues

    Southern Swing hosts three different leagues during the year for various age groups that give players
    an inexpensive means of keeping their hands on the ball and improving their skills in a structured,
    competitive setting.  Paid officials are provided for each league.

  • Spring League - Takes place in February, March & April each year and is open to girls in grades 3
    through 12 in four different divisions - Youth, Middle School, Sub-Varsity and Varsity.    For additional
    details and registration information, visit the "Spring League" page.

  • Summer League - Takes place in June and July each year and is open to girls in grades 3 through 12 in
    four different divisions - Youth, Middle School, Sub-Varsity and Varsity.  Southern Swing also hosts an
    Adult Women's 4 on 4 division and Adult Co-Ed 4 on 4 division during its Summer League for players 18
    and older who are no longer in high school.  For additional details and registration information, visit
    the "Summer League" page.

  • Fall League - Takes place in October each year and is open to girls in grades 3 through 6.  Southern
    Swing also hosts a Women's 4 on 4 division during its Fall League for women 18 and older who are no
    longer in high school.  For additional details and registration information, visit the "Fall League" page.

  • Camps

    Southern Swing offers a variety of camps and training sessions during the year for both teams and
    individuals in grades K through 12 designed to help develop basic skills or to sharpen and improve
    specific position skills.  For additional details and registration information, visit the "Camps &
    Training" page.

  • Summer Camps - Take place in July and August each year and consist of 2 or 3-day sessions for girls in
    grades K through 12 with instruction available in the following areas:

    Volley-Small Camp
    Basic Training Camp
    All Skills Camp
    Team Camp (by request)
    Position Camps
     * choose from Hitting, Setting, Passing/Defense and Serving sessions

  • Christmas Camp - Fun, half-day camps held in December.  Designed for girls in grades 3 through 8.

  • Private Lessons

    Private lessons are offered throughout the year as facilities and coaches are available.  For additional
    details and currently scheduled times, visit the "Camps & Training" page.

  • Open Gyms

    Open gyms are held periodically throughout the year to give players an opportunity to participate in a
    short, informal training sessions that includes organized drills, games and free time to enjoy.

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